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Species that are introduced to new geographical locations are often able to domminate over local species and multiply quickly to form large populations. According to IUCN, the phenomenon of invasive species together with habitat fragmentation are leading to species extinction globally. Researchers fear that the increasing amount of movement between the far corners of the globe will excalate this process.

More information is needed about possible mechanisms in order to better understand the issues in question. Most recent studies have studied the biology of the particular invasive species in the areas in question. Researchers now believe that it is important to have good understanding of each species in their ”home territory” in order to undertand how they establish themselves in new locations. Such studies are relatively rare.

One of the hypotheses concerning the impetus for the spreading of invasive species to new locations is that of parasite escape: organisms seek a location where they can establish themselves where their usual parasites are not found or are fewer. thus it is very important to undertake fundamental research of the home territory of invasive species to establish their ”normal” associated parasite fauna.